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I'm HeartilyArt!

I’m Natasha, a mother of 2 little girls who loves drawing all things that we go through during the first years as a new parent.

I always loved drawing, painting and creating. As a child, I would draw funny comics on my parents' agendas so they would see it and laugh later at work. I love making people laugh.


I created Heartily Art during my pregnancy leave of my second daughter. I was home, taking care of a baby and a toddler and just had the urge of drawing all things I was going through. It was my escape from the daily stress, and later I found out that it was also a great way to connect with other parents going through the same!


After a successful Instagram account, I got the confidence to bring Heartily Art further and create a brand new line of parenthood-related stationery. I try to add funny insights to all cheesy baby stationery we know and love!

Thank you so much for visiting, following and shopping!


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